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The Dirty Dozen: The Worst Things You Can Put On a Resume In 2022

Here’s a sad fact.

Most people are still writing 20th century resumes.

Back in high school or college, someone showed you how to write one and you have never changed it up. Well, just like big hair isn’t in fashion …

By Ivy Exec
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How to Apply for a Job Online: 10 Tips to Stand Out and Land an Interview

Applying for jobs online has become the norm. Generally, it’s a win-win situation for both sides involved: Job seekers have a broad range of opportunities and the convenience of applying for multiple jobs from home, while employers can leverage automated …

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30+ Resume Objective Examples (Plus, Tips on How to Write Yours)

Resume objectives are a bit controversial. Some career experts see them as outdated, while others believe job seekers can still use them to their advantage. Although resume objective statements have slowly been replaced by resume summaries, they remain useful in …

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How to Make Your Resume ATS-Friendly (Template Included!)

Have you been applying for jobs on multiple platforms but never heard back from any employers? The problem may not be your work history or skills—but rather your non ATS-friendly resume preventing recruiters from ever reading it.

ATS stands for

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18 strategies to make your job application stand out to employers

Job seekers, understandably, almost all hate the process of searching for a new job. The process can be dehumanizing, is almost always filled with far more rejections than acceptances, and job applications often seem to disappear into a black hole …

By College Recruiter
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