Empire State Service Corps

SUNY Students Encouraged To Apply Here for 500 Paid Civic and Service Internships. Partnership With SUNY Spearheaded by Lieutenant Governor Delgado To Promote Civics and Service Opportunities With First Corps Members Beginning Fall 2024.

If you have a desire to do good and make a difference, you can get hands-on experience and serve your community through paid internships in civic and public service with the Empire State Service Corps.

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What is Empire State Service Corps?

Participating SUNY students engage in paid community service work for 300 hours over the course of a year. Assignments could include tutoring in high-need K-12 schools, taking climate action working with leading State agencies, disaster relief and mitigation after severe weather events, working as a student success coach with an organization, and support for regional food banks and SNAP outreach to address food insecurity.

These internships allow New York students to be paid for meaningful work that can provide lifelong skills as well as service to their community.

How Does It Work?

The Empire State Service Corps will focus on different types of work on campus or in the community:

K-12 Tutoring Corps: Students will partner with local school districts for tutoring sessions on a regular basis to support recovery from pandemic era learning loss

SNAP and Basic Needs Outreach Corps: Students will serve on-campus supporting students with SNAP outreach as well as basic needs support (including shifts at campus food pantry)

Peer Mental Health Corps: Available on select campuses, students will be trained to serve as a peer mental health counselor 

Sustainability Corps: Students will serve in campus roles and with local nonprofits and State agencies on sustainability work (such as recycling campaigns, tree planting, pollinator gardens, sustainability outreach)

Anti-Hate and Bias Prevention Corps: Students will serve with local nonprofits focused on ending hate and bias in the community

Civic Engagement Corps: 15 students will serve with local nonprofits on civic engagement, including nonpartisan voter outreach

FAFSA Completion Corps: Students will serve in local communities and visit local high schools and work on campus to support students with completing the FAFSA

By Anita DeCianni-Brown, '12 & '15
Anita DeCianni-Brown, '12 & '15 Director, Career & Experiential Learning Services